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wiki of the Languages and Multicultural Education Resource Centre
LMERC is a Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) specialist resource centre for teachers and educators across a range of areas including: Languages (over 60 different languages) and English as an Additional Language (EAL), global and multicultural citizenship, aboriginal perspectives, intercultural understanding and values.

LMERC staff loan resources to teachers in Victoria, and research and review online materials which can be accessed through this site or our Online catalogue.

TEAL Tools to Enhance Assessment Literacy

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EAL Teaching Guides and Model Units

Model Science and Content Unit:
Science and Language Ecosystems
for EAL students.
(Full text free to download).
Teacher's guide and templates
Developed by Miranda McCallum &
Jenny Miller

Websites of interest :

Mirrors, windows, doors
Mirrors Windows Doors is an online magazine founded
and written by Marjorie Coughlan (formerly of Paper
Tigers website). The aim of the site is to draw attention
to the riches of children's and YA books from across the
world that highlight cultural and multicultural diversity.
Features: book reviews, lists of diverse literature,
interviews and articles. Find about authors from Asian
countries you may not have come across before.

Multicultural children's book day Founded by two
bloggers dedicated to promoting literature featuring
diverse characters.

First Book Blog
Great blog post on the Stories for all project which aims
to stimulate the demand for affordable culturally
diverse and representative literature to children.
Thanks to Julie Purcell for recommending this blog in
her informative article 'The Case for diversity in youth
literature', Literature Base 26:2, May 2015.

Refugee Bridging programs



Support Materials - contents

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Department of Education DET EAL publications now available online====
  • Where's English at school interactive resource (new version)
  • Word study for new arrivals
  • Talking in tune: a guide to working with interpreters
  • Language games for ESL students
  • No English: don't panic 1 & 2
  • Beginning EAL-Secondary: support material for teachers of secondary new arrivals.
  • Beginning ESL:support material for primary new arrivals